Aurora Living Lab

Aurora Living Lab is modern cost-effective mode of co-operation for testing and validating newest developments for autonomous driving and vehicle behavior in cold circumstances where you can make test safely in protected environment without risks of public roads and publicity.

Find the unexpected before your customer finds it!

Winter and cold testing is an essential part of modern vehicle testing. Exhaust cleaning, electrical systems and even components in chassis and suspension behave differently depending on starting temperature or during warm-up phase. Unexpected behavior of catalyst and AdBlue-systems can be found fastest during cold tests in proving ground.

Testing all systems related to connected and automated vehicles must be done in conditions where your system will be covered up with ice and/or snow or electronics are stored and used in unexpected cold conditions

EV-Charging gives new and different results when charging in cold or charging cold battery with a cold charger. Find unexpected weather and behavior conditions which occur only in cold before they end up to series production.

What is Aurora Living Lab?

Aurora Living Lab is a private driven consortium including

  • Proving Grounds
  • EV-Charging providers
  • Track analyzers
  • 3D-map providers
  • Weather forecasting
  • Map solutions
  • Automated driving developers
  • Universities
  • University of applied sciences
  • Local communities
  • Business Finland as financial supporter
  • Companies using and applying newest technologies

What we want to do?

We want to

  • Get results
  • Provide added value to our partners and customers
  • Find practical solutions for testing newest technologies
  • Be faster
  • Get forward
  • Keep up our partners informed of newest thing happening around

What we do not want?

We don´t want to

  • Stuck in projects where project itself is the main thing
  • Waste time of any our partners without bringing something new

Who are we?



  • PlugIT
  • Vaisala
  • Foreca
  • Sensible4
  • Arctic Machine
  • Infotripla
  • HERE
  • Basetrack
  • Ahola Transport
  • Roadscanners
  • Destia
  • Dyynniq/Swarco
  • Valtra
  • Ponsse
  • Valmet Automotive
  • Astazero
  • Ramboll/Strafica
  • Sunit
  • Nokia
  • Nokian
  • Telia
  • DNA
  • Elisa


  • Business Finland
  • Ilmatieteen laitos
  • University of Oulu
  • University of applied sciences Lapland
  • University of applied sciences Kajaani
  • Municipality of Muonio
  • Municipality of Enontekiö
  • Maanmittauslaitos
  • Ely-Keskus Lappi
  • VTT
  • ESA
  • Aalto University


Testing environment in cold

All inclusive environment for cold testing of vehicles and their connected systems.

23 km of tracks, garages, offices

With or without driver and engineering personnel

Bring your vehicles, we take care of the rest!


Charge anything anytime

Scalable EV-charging solutions up to multiple 150 kW-stations

Moveable EV-charging stations

Scalable EV-charging

Install, move, scale and feed from power lines, battery pack or generator.

Ilmatieteen laitos

Weather services

World class weather forecasting

Weather = Technology

Technology + Resources

All what you need for weather forecasting or statistics to examine accurate weather conditions on post-defined time.